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one click

This photo effect improves your photos with one click. It combines several single photo filters in one photo effect.

This effect has no inidividual setting options. In order to exploit all the possibilities check out the photo filters.

To get an overview over all oneclick effects you'll find there: one click filters

Do you already know...

elektrobild color effects

A collection of color-effects

Use this filter to colorize your photos in many different ways. Each effect is infinitely adjustable. Let your photos look like old or vintage pictures or bath them in golden light .

To get an overview over all color-effects you'll find there: color effects overview

To set the colors of your image individually, use this filter: colorfilter

elektrobild colorfilter

an individual adjustable color filter

Use this filter to colorize your photos individually. From simple black and white, cuttlefish up to the look of a thermal imaging.

By changing the colors you have incredible possibilities to vary your photo.

elektrobild mix xolors

Color shift

This effect replaces the color table of your image with the color table of another image.

It's great for experimenting. You can be sure about: this effect is going to surprise you ;)

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