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online photo editing:


Create great collages with your photos. Choose from a wide variety of templates.

Get an overwiew over all available templates at:

collage overview


  • Select a page template. The active image at image selection is used to all fields.
  • To change all images at once, select another image at image selection.
  • If no field is selected, you can change border-size and color of your collage.
  • Click on a single field to change the image, adjust its size, position and color.
  • Click on the background to deselect.
  • Use the save button if you want to edit your collage with another effect. After saving, the image will appear at the image selection.


  • Try to create a collage using a previously created collage. Picture in picture in picture...
  • This tool is also great for creating abstract art works.

If you want to place images over another image use picture collage.

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