All photo-filters of elektrobild - overview

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You want to improve your pictures or give your photos a professional touch? This and much more you can do at this website without having any skills in photo-editiong. You need not to install any app.

At this page you'll find all available photo-filters of elektrobild. The filters are organized by theme or motive. Check them out and create fantastic art works. Combine several filters to get impressive results.

original image

Here you can see the original image without any filter

SVGThese filters generate vector images (svg) as well. You can use this filters to convert photos to vector graphics.

All 110 filters are assigned to 12 different cathegories:


basicBasic settings like color channels, threshold or invert your photos

elektrobild mask

Masks and borders for your pictures

Soften the edges of your photos or let them look like a hand made hatching. This filter is particularly effective in combination with other effects.

Choose your favourite color as background.

elektrobild depth of field

Depth of field

Add a depth of field effect to your photos.

This filter makes your photos look very professional. This effect is outstanding suitable for portraits or your selfies.

elektrobild brightness contrast

brightness and contrast

Change the brightness and contrast of your photo infinitely variable.

elektrobild grain


This effect sharpens your photos and adds some granulation.

elektrobild HSL


Change Hue Saturation Lightness of your photos.

TIP use the mixer to blend up the original image. This gives you more possibilities to adjust the colors of your image.

elektrobild improve


The sharpness of your photo is increased. In the course of this you can set brightness and contrast individually.

If you'd like to adjust brightness and contrast infinitely variable, use filter: brightness contrast

elektrobild negative image

negative filter

This filter inverts the colors of your photo.

Use partitial negative image to invert your photo partitially.

elektrobild partitial negative image

Partial negative filter

Use this filter to invert the colors of your photo partial. Choose one ore more shapes to define areas you wan't to invert.

elektrobild color channels

Color channels mixer

Use this filter to remove an undertone or colorize your photo in an artistic way.

elektrobild sharpness


elektrobild threshold


Reduce your photo to two colors. You can define the change between dark and light colors continuously. The both colors can also be defined individually.

Color effects

Color effectsOptimize your photos with color-effects.

elektrobild colorfilter

an individual adjustable color filter

Use this filter to colorize your photos individually. From simple black and white, cuttlefish up to the look of a thermal imaging.

By changing the colors you have incredible possibilities to vary your photo.

elektrobild partial colorfilter

Partial color filter

Use this filter to colorize your photos partial. Choose one ore more shapes to define areas you wan't to recolor.

By changing the colors in form of shaped areas you have incredible possibilities to vary your photo.

elektrobild color overlay

Color overlay

This filter overlays your image with a colorized copy of your photo.

This filter combines the effects colorfilter and overlay photos. It's great for experimenting. You can be sure about: this effect is going to surprise you ;)

elektrobild mix xolors

Color shift

This effect replaces the color table of your image with the color table of another image.

It's great for experimenting. You can be sure about: this effect is going to surprise you ;)

elektrobild one click

one click

This photo effect improves your photos with one click. It combines several single photo filters in one photo effect.

This effect has no inidividual setting options. In order to exploit all the possibilities check out the photo filters.

To get an overview over all oneclick effects you'll find there: one click filters

elektrobild color effects

A collection of color-effects

Use this filter to colorize your photos in many different ways. Each effect is infinitely adjustable. Let your photos look like old or vintage pictures or bath them in golden light .

To get an overview over all color-effects you'll find there: color effects overview

To set the colors of your image individually, use this filter: colorfilter

cut out

cut outcut out your photos

elektrobild replace color

replace a color

Use the pipette to choose a color of your photo and replace it with your favourite color.

Es werden alle ähnlichen Farben im Bild durch die eingestellte Farbe ersetzt. Mit Toleranz kannst du den Auswahlbereich eingrenzen oder erweitern.

elektrobild cut-out with forms

Cutting forms

Define a cutt-out area for your photos.

elektrobild cut-out photo


Define a cutout area for your photos.

The selected areas will be filled with your selected color.

elektrobild cut-out

Cut out

Define a cut-out area for your photos.

cool effects

cool effectsUnique and extraordinary effects

elektrobild ascii-art

Your photos as ascii images

Make your pictures look like charming sixties computer art works. Your image is drawn with charakters.

Each charakter represents a brightness value. Use the two colors to define the background- and char color.

Download your image as text

You can open the text-file with a word processing program. Note that you should use a monotype font like Courier and choose a small font-size e.g. 5 point. The line spacing should be set to 0.

Download as text-file

elektrobild black hole

black hole

This effect mirrors your image serveral times and overlays it with itself.

It's usefull for background images.

elektrobild carpet

Your photo as carpet

This effect let your photo look like woven carpet.

SVGelektrobild mosaic


Your image is composed of colored shapes.

This effect offers incredible possibilities to redraw your photos.

elektrobild cross stitch

cross stitch

elektrobild dots relief

dots relief

elektrobild outline


This photo effect creates a line-drawing out of your photos.

By the way, try changing the colors of your drawing.

elektrobild glitchy


elektrobild happy


elektrobild ice


This filter traces your photos with curvy lines.

elektrobild icehouse


This filter traces your photos with curvy lines.

SVGelektrobild LEGO bricks

Your photo as LEGO® image

Convert your photo to a LEGO® image and build it. Download the construction manual and the part list afterwards for free.

elektrobild outline 2

outline 2

elektrobild molten metal

molten metal filter

Make your photos look like molten metal. It's outstanding suitable to create abstract art works.

elektrobild magic


elektrobild matrix


...nothing to say about this outstanding effect ;)

elektrobild candy


elektrobild neon lines

neon lines

elektrobild nostalgia


elektrobild plastic

plastic surface

Make your photos look like they're made out of plastic.

This effect is suitable for images width little contrast.

elektrobild fabric


Let your photos look like it is made out of fabric.

Define up to nine individual colors.

elektrobild pool

your photos as pool surface

elektrobild psycodelic

70's psycodelic curves

Use this filter to create psychodelic artworks, that remember to the 70's.

elektrobild relief


SVGelektrobild old-school

your photos as oldschool computer graphics

Let your images look like computergraphics of the early 80s. Your images are reduced to the number of selected colors. Define up to 32 individual colors.

elektrobild sandstorm


elektrobild photocopy

2 colors filter

Reduce your photo to two colors. This Filter is known as threshold.


A continously adjustable threshold-filter you'll find here: threshold

elektrobild threshold

Color threshold

This effect works simila to the threshold effect. But instead of replacing colors all colors above the threshold will be turned into black and white.

Use the lightness slider to adjust the transition between the colored and the black and white areas.

elektrobild multi threshold

Multi Threshold

Reduce your photo up to 8 colors. You can define the change between dark and light colors continuously. The colors can also be defined individually.

elektrobild partial threshold

Partitial threshold

Use this effect to color parts in your photo, that have a certain lightness.

All colors which are in a lightness range (use threshold) are colored with your favourite color. Use expansion to expand or shrink this areas.


cartoonCreate sketches and Comics

elektrobild cartoon 2

your photos as cartoon

Make your photos look like a comic.

Choose your favourite colors to draw the lines and the background.

elektrobild cartoon 3

cartoon-effect 3

A fantastic comic-effect like Lichtenstein.

elektrobild cartoon

Simple comic-effect

Let your photos look like comics.

elektrobild Cartoon 4

cartoon-effect 4

This effect is ideal for protraits and lanscapes.

elektrobild speech bubbles

Speech bubbles

Pimp your photos with individual dialogs and speech bubbles.


artTurn your images into real works of art

elektrobild abstract 1

abstract 1

elektrobild abstract 2

your photo as an abstract image

Use this filter to swirl your photo to an abstract image. This filter is very interesting if you combine it with other effects.

elektrobild abstract 3

abstract 3

elektrobild abstract 4

abstract 4

elektrobild abstract 5

abstract 5

elektrobild abstract 6

abstract 6

elektrobild abstract 7

abstract 7

elektrobild copperplate


elektrobild crayon


Let your photos look like crayon drawings.

elektrobild cross hatching

cross hatching

elektrobild sketch

your photos as drawing

Let your photos look like a sketch on a graph paper.

elektrobild felt pen

felt pen

elektrobild linocut

your photos as linocut

Let your photos look like a linocut.

elektrobild OPART

your photo as an abstract image

Use this filter to convert your photo into an abstract image. This filter is very interesting if you combine it with other effects.

elektrobild round lines

round lines

elektrobild paper cut

paper cut

elektrobild pendrawing


Draws your photos as easy swinging lines

Of course you can change background and linecolor to your favourit color.

elektrobild pointillism

pointillism art

Let your photos look like a pointillistic painting.

elektrobild popart 1

your photos as pop art I

Let your photos look like a pop art artwork.

elektrobild popart 3

your photos as pop art III

This filter makes your photo look like an artwork of Andy Warhol.

elektrobild popart 2

your photos as pop art II

Let your photos look like a pop art artwork.


rasterizeDefamiliarize and pixalate your photos

SVGelektrobild pixels

pixelate your photos

Use this filter to pixelate your photos. With low resolution your image consists of a view colored squares.

elektrobild pixel effect

pixel effects

Your images become pixelated in several passages.

elektrobild pixelate details

Pixelate picture details

Make e.g. faces or numberplates unrecognizable.

SVGelektrobild dot pattern

dot pattern

Convert your photos into colored dots. Also downloadable as vector-image!

Tip: try different mixer settings to get amazing results.

elektrobild fine dot pattern

fine dot pattern

elektrobild rasterized photo

Rasterized image

Rasterizes your photo. This Filter is helpfull to create images which is remindefull of pop an art artwork.

elektrobild rgb pattern

rgb pattern

elektrobild stripes pattern

stripe pattern

Convert your photo into horizontal ore vertical stripes. Of course you can blend it with your original image.


distortionCreate uncommonly images with this tools

elektrobild dissolve


Swirl your image. This effect is a great starting point for abstract artworks.

elektrobild image distortion I

Image distortion

This effect creates fantastic computer images out of your photos. Play around with it, and get impressed by the results.

You need not to be a nerd to like it's results ;)

elektrobild image distortion II

Image distortion II

This effect creates fantastic computer images out of your photos. Play around with it, and get impressed by the results.

elektrobild Downsample


This effekt reduces the quality of your images. They look like an enlargement of high compressed jpg images.

Sounds crasy - but this filter was intended by an user.

elektrobild flip flop pattern

Flip flop effect

This effect mirrors your image paritially.

Use this effect for impressive experiments and have fun.

elektrobild mirror pattern

Mirror pattern

This filter creates a texture out of your photos. It's outstanding suitable to create abstract art works.

elektrobild offset effect

Offset Effect

Using this filter, you can shift your image horizontally und vertically.

It's usefull to create tiles e.g. for using in 3D-program.

elektrobild image distortion

Image distortion

This effect stretches or compresses your images.

E.g. use this effect with portraits to create funny faces...

SVGelektrobild color stripes

Color stripes

Transform your image into colorfull stripes.


toolsText tool and other helpers

elektrobild draw a colored shape

Draw a colored shape

With this tool you can draw an individual shape.

elektrobild overlay photos

Color area

What'S the point for this effect? A colored layer is usefull to create a new picture without any photo material.

Define color and transparency as you like. Use the created color area e.g. in combination with cut-out with forms or overlay photos.

elektrobild colored shapes

Colored shapes

Add some colored shapes to your photos. Each shape can be set up individual.

elektrobild streaking image


Overlay some horizontal and/or vertical stripes over your photos.

You can set the stripes colors smooth fom transparent to your favourite color.

NOTICE the vertical stripes opacity is transparent per default. Change the color to make them visible.

elektrobild texttool


Add as many texts as you want to your photos.

Make individual greeting- or invitation-cards out of your photos.

Tip: try out different values for the opacity in the color selection.


mixingoverlay your images or make photo collages

elektrobild photomontage

Photo frame for your pictures

elektrobild overlay photos

Mixup 2 pictures

Overlay your photo with another one. This effect behaves like the layer-effect in Photoshop. This is a very powerfull tool with lots of possibilities. Check it out and play with the different layer-methods.

elektrobild partitial overlay photos

partitial overlay photos

elektrobild picture collage

picture collage

Make collages of your pictures. Combine as many pictures as you like, scale and rotate them.


Until you haven't saved your work, you can scale, move and rotate each image seperatly by clicking on it. To change the stack order just click on an image to bring it forward.

The format of your collage is defined by the image which is selected at IMAGE SELECTION. You can fade in this image by the slider Background: image ◀ ▶ color.

elektrobild collages


Create great collages with your photos. Choose from a wide variety of templates.

Get an overwiew over all available templates at:

collage overview


framespicture frames in your favorite color

elektrobild picture frame

Photo frame for your pictures

Finnish your photos with this exclusive picture frames. How about a baroque gilt frame? Of course you can pigment each frame in your favourite color.

elektrobild colorfull frame

A frame with 2 colors

choose your favorite colors and adjust the width of the frame.

TIP: apply this effect several times in turn (click SAVE!) and reduce the frame width each time.

3D effects

3D effectsYour photos as animated texture of 3D objects

elektrobild 3D knot

3D knot

elektrobild 3D cloud

3D cloud

elektrobild 3D mirror

3D mirror

elektrobild 3D sphere

your photo as texture of a 3D sphere

Rotate the sphere with your mouse or finger and change the the view.

Use the sliders to set the size and the startpositions of the texture.