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  • elektrobild is free
  • many high-quality effects
  • edit your photos online
  • no knowledge about picture editing necessary
  • easy-peasy to use
  • runs on all plattforms
  • for iOS and Android
  • a smart photo editor
  • no registration necessary
  • edit photos in high resolution
  • many high quality effects

your photos as artwork

Elektrobild is more than a simple but smart photo editor. Get inspired by the photo filters and photo effects and become an artist right now.

Look at the to get an impression, what you can do with elektrobild.

Try it out...

and surprise yourself. Use the example images to play around with the filters without previous uploading images.

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NEW: photo collages

elektrobild collages


Create great collages with your photos. Choose from a wide variety of templates.

Get an overwiew over all available templates at:

collage overview

Interesting photos with one click

elektrobild examples

Filter sequences

This page shows some examples how to make your photos much more impressively. Just combine some filters to get astonishing results.

elektrobild color effects

A collection of color-effects

Use this filter to colorize your photos in many different ways. Each effect is infinitely adjustable. Let your photos look like old or vintage pictures or bath them in golden light .

To get an overview over all color-effects you'll find there: color effects overview

To set the colors of your image individually, use this filter: colorfilter

elektrobild one click

one click

This photo effect improves your photos with one click. It combines several single photo filters in one photo effect.

This effect has no inidividual setting options. In order to exploit all the possibilities check out the photo filters.

To get an overview over all oneclick effects you'll find there: one click filters

Improove your photos with just one click. Here you'll get some filters and effects to pimp your pictures.

Turn your photos into artworks

Here you can see some example filters. Get inspired by the elektrobild filter effects and create your own artworks.

SVGelektrobild LEGO bricks

Your photo as LEGO® image

Convert your photo to a LEGO® image and build it. Download the construction manual and the part list afterwards for free.

elektrobild speech bubbles

Speech bubbles

Pimp your photos with individual dialogs and speech bubbles.

elektrobild linocut

your photos as linocut

Let your photos look like a linocut.

SVGelektrobild old-school

your photos as oldschool computer graphics

Let your images look like computergraphics of the early 80s. Your images are reduced to the number of selected colors. Define up to 32 individual colors.

elektrobild icehouse


This filter traces your photos with curvy lines.

elektrobild sketch

your photos as drawing

Let your photos look like a sketch on a graph paper.

Cut out your images

Some great and usefull tools to make cut-outs very easy.

elektrobild cut-out

Cut out

Define a cut-out area for your photos.

elektrobild cut-out with forms

Cutting forms

Define a cutt-out area for your photos.

elektrobild cut-out photo


Define a cutout area for your photos.

The selected areas will be filled with your selected color.

The filter categories

The 111 photo filters and effects are divided into the following 12 groups. Each effect is freely adjustable between original and processed image.

All available photo filters you'll get here: : photo filters

Usefull tools for image editing

You deal with image editing? At usefull tools you'll find some tools to the topics Colors and color palettes, vector images, mixed helperss:

Edit your photos online

Elektrobild provides many tools to edit and improove your photos. You need not to be a professionel at picture editing to get persuading results.

Get inspired! Use color effects to enhance the colors. mask e.g. can be used for the border areas, which is usefull for atmospheric portraits.

Basic edit functions like crop photo, rotate photo und flip photo you will find there.

Download your photos with a resolution of maximum 1800 x 1800 pixels.